Yannick GOUMON

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I am a permanent research scientist of The National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) within the Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neuroscience (INCI) of Strasbourg France since 2009.

I am currently investigating the mechanism implicated in morphine-induced analgesic tolerance, focusing his attention on its metabolism, taking into account sexual differences. Besides, I am studying the metabolic interactions between analgesic drugs (morphine, codeine, paracetamol…) and anticancer treatments (tamoxifen and anastrozole) in the context of breast cancer. Before, I defended my PhD of the University of Strasbourg in 1998 on the characterization of new antimicrobial peptides that are part of innate immunity. Then, I did a post-doctoral study on Endogenous Morphine in the Neuroscience Research Institute (SUNY at Old Westbury, U.S.A.). I got a permanent INSERM researcher position (CR1) in 2001 in the “Physiopathology of the nervous system” laboratory of Strasbourg (Bioactive Neuropeptides group). Between 2004 and 2009, I was the group leader of the team “Endogenous Morphine” in the same lab. I have served on study sections, review committees and international, national scientific advisory boards. I’m also a member of the National Committee for Ethical Reflection on Animal Experimentation (CNREEA.; Ministry of Higher Education and Research) since 2014. I am holding teaching duties for Master students and has supervised 9 doctoral students, 12 master students and more than 30 interns.

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