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The team is renowned for its translational research from animal to Human on the functional interactions between sleep, circadian rhythms and neuropsychiatry, in a life-long perspective including early development. The animal research is conducted at INCI and the Human research (healthy subject, patient) at CIRCSom (International Research Center for ChronoSomnology, Hôpital Civil Strasbourg).

Timing sleep and waking to the 24-hr earth’s light-dark cycle is critical to normal brain functioning and healthy physiology and behavior. The disruption of circadian sleep-wake organization is a key characteristic of numerous neuropsychiatric conditions, impacting pathogenesis and disease progression.

The overall goal of our research is to characterize the basic circadian (clock), homeostatic (sleep deprivation) and photic (light) mechanisms regulating the 24-hr temporal organization of sleep and behavior, in order to deepen our knowledge of circadian and sleep disturbances in relation to neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders, in particular to how they can impact clinical outcomes.

The final goal is to define chronotherapeutic interventions (light therapy, melatonin, sleep-phase shifting ..) aimed at improving the management of a range of sleep, circadian and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Team projects

 > From animal models to healthy subjects: Towards a comprehensive understanding of the photic regulation of sleep and behavior

Patrice Bourgin, Lucas Lecourtier

 > Clinical research: Hypersomnia & circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders : Towards a novel entity

Patrice Bourgin, Ulker Kilic-Huck

 > Clinical research: Sleep & circadian rhythms in insomnia & mood disorders: Biomarkers & innovative therapies

Pierre-Alexis Geoffroy, Juliette Chambe, Patrice Bourgin

 > Clinical research: Sleep & circadian rhythms for (neuro) development

Carmen Schröder, Julie Rolling

 > Clinical research: Sleep & circadian rhythms in pediatric post-traumatic stress disorder

Carmen Schröder, Julie Rolling

Main research resources associated with the team

Patrice Bourgin
(MD – PhD)


Carmen Schröder
(MD – PhD)


Henri Comtet


Julie Rolling

Postdoctoral fellow / Ph. D. students

Julie Rolling

Nursing Research Investigator
Research coordinator

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