Morpho-functionnal analysis


The morpho-functional analysis platform aims to support the unit’s researchers in implementing the latest methods for studying biological tissues.

In collaboration with UAR3156, the Neuropôle imaging platform, we assist researchers with image acquisition.

For image analysis, we offer training in image analysis software (Fiji/ImageJ, Qupath, Ilastik, etc.) and the development of automated analyzes (classification, segmentation).


  • Transparency of tissues
  • Expansion microscopy
  • In situ hybridization (RNAscope system)
  • Immunostaining (immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry)
The services
  • Tips for developing protocols
  • Training in different techniques
  • Assistance with sample preparation and obtaining histological sections
  • Support for image acquisition and analysis
  • Loan and pooling of equipment (hybridization oven, transparency solutions, etc.)
Main equipment

Cutting devices available within the Institute
(Responsible : Stéphanie Dumont-Kientzy :

Image acquisitions are carried out at:
  • From the Microscopy and Macroscopy platform (Resp.: Anne-Marie Haeberlé)
  • From the In Vitro Imaging Platform (Resp.: Sylvette Chasserot-Golaz)

Only laboratory personnel who have received the necessary instructions during training are authorized to use the equipment offered by the morpho-functional analysis platform.

Members & contact
Reservations of analysis stations/PCs

The analysis stations/PCs are located on the 1st floor in room 1010.