Behavioral experiment plateform

In coordination with the Chronobiotron UMS3415, this technical platform focuses on rodents (rats and mice) behavior in particular in models and tests of pain and anxio-depressive disorders.

We combine genetic approaches (transgenic mice, siRNA, viral transgenesis, optogenetic, chemogenetic …) with molecular and physiological measurements to understand the biological bases of behaviors studie.

Plateform members

Mélanie KREMER

technical and administrative manager


Ipek Yalcin

Scientific manager



cdd researcher



Study engineer


Aurélia CES

Assistant engineer

Our skills

Animal models of pain
Nociceptive tests
  • Neuropathic pain: injury models (“cuff”, “chronic constriction injury”, “spared nerve injury”), genetic model (diabetic neuropathy: ob/ob mice), chemo-induced models.
  • Inflammatory pain: carrageenan, formalin, complete Freund's adjuvant
  • Opiate-induced hyperalgesia, tolerance, withdrawal
  • tail flick
  • tail immersion
  • hot plate
  • cold plate
  • Hargreaves Plantar®
  • thermal place preference

  • Von Frey (manuel et électronique)
  • tail pressure test
  • calibrated forceps

Spontaneous/integrated pain:
  • place preference conditioned by a non-rewarding analgesic
  • testing the escape behavior paradigm
Psychiatric Divisorders
Tests for anxiety-like behaviors
Tests for depressive-like behaviors
Other tests
  • Anxio-depressive disorders induced by chronic pain
  • Unpredictable mild chronic stress
  • Chronic variable stress
  • Social defeat
  • Open field
  • Elevated-plus maze
  • Light-dark test
  • Marble burying test
  • Social interaction test
  • Forced swimming test
  • Tail suspension test
  • Sucrose preference test
  • Splash test
  • Nest test
  • Novelty-suppressed feeding
  • Place preference test
  • Place aversion test
  • Real-time seat preference test
  • Tolerance, spontaneous withdrawal, precipitated withdrawal, scoring
  • Active avoidance test
  • Learned despair model
  • Three-chamber social paradigm test
Other Behavioral Tests and Equipment
Cognitive tests
Sensorimotor tests
General condition and basic sensory functions
Chronobiological tests
Ultrasonic vocalizations
  • Spontaneous alternations in Y-maze
  • Object recognition
  • Rotarod
  • Actimetry
  • Open field
  • Traction reflex
  • Postural asymmetry test
  • Beam walking/horizontal bar
  • SHIRPA test
  • Complete system for recording and analyzing ultrasonic vocalizations of rats and mice (Ultravox XT)
  • ANYmaze
Surgeries and Optogenetic
Stereotactic surgery
Neuropathic surgeries
Incisional surgery
Optogenetic Stimulation in vivo
  • Stereotactic injections
  • Cannula implantation
  • Implementation of optical fibers
  • Implementation of mini-osmotic pumps
  • Cuff
  • Chronic constriction injury
  • Spared nerve injury
  • Paw incision (post-operative pain)
Treatments and Samples
Treatments and Injections
  • Intraperitoneal
  • Subcutaneous
  • Per os
  • Intravenous
  • Thoracic intrathecal
  • Lumbar intrathecal
  • Intracerebral
Transfer of Know-How
  • Training in different tests, technical and surgical procedures
  • Assistance in drafting animal experimentation authorizations
  • Development of new models and/or behavioral tests
  • Implementation of other existing tests
  • Service provision
  • Testing of therapeutic molecules
  • Behavioral phenotyping

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